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L2900 Two Post Lift 9,000 Lb Capacity Car Auto Truck Hoist 220v Or 110v

L2900 Two Post Lift 9,000 Lb Capacity Car Auto Truck Hoist 220v Or 110v


L2900 Two Post Lift 9,000 Lb Capacity Car Auto Truck Hoist 220v Or 110v

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L2900 Two Post Lift 9,000 Lb Capacity Car Auto Truck Hoist 220v Or 110v


The L2900 Two Post Lift is a car lift designed for automotive service and repair shops. It has a lifting capacity of 9,000 lbs, making it suitable for a wide range of vehicles. The lift features a two-post design, allowing for efficient use of floor space, and its hydraulic operation provides smooth and controlled lifting. It is available in both 220V and 110V versions and its heavy-duty construction provides reliable and long-lasting performance. The lift is designed to make maintenance and repair work on vehicles more convenient and efficient.


Safety Mechanism:

  • Double Point Safety Lock Release
  • automatic Arm Lock Restraints
  • relief Valve Built In Power Pump To Prevent Overloading
  • door Guards Protection Rubber
  • up-limit Switch To Protect Cylinders Working Stroke Used In Safe Length Scope
  • heavy Duty 5/16″ Diameter Cable And 4.56″ Pulley Reduce High Stress On Synchronization Process And Increase Cable Life
  • stiffened Base Plate 15/32″ Thickness
  • ultra High Molecular Self Lubricating Nylon Slider Ensures Carriage Smooth Moving Up And Down
  • anchor Bolts/mounting Hardware Included

Control System:

  • Lifting Operation By Pressing “Up” Button On Motor
  • manual Lowering Operation By Pressing Lever
  • relief Valve Built In Power Pump To Prevent Overloading
  • 1 Sets Truck Adapters Included
  • lifting Capacity: 9,000 Lbs
  • the Overall Height 111-3/32″
  • the Overall Width 133-1/4″
  • column Width 10.59″

width Between Two Post 106.3″

  • Base Width 18.89″
  • column Thickness Of Steel 11/64″
  • carriage Thickness Of Steel 3/16″
  • arms Thickness Of Steel 15/64″
  • front Arm 29.9″-47.2″
  • rear Arm 29.9″-47.2″
  • min Pad Height: 3-7/8″
  • lift Height Max: 71.6″
  • drive-thru Width Clearance: 99.2″
  • Time To Full Rise: 20-60 Sec
  • Shipping Weight: 1150 Lbs

Before Installing Your Auto Lift, Check The Following:

Lift Location: Always Use Architect’s Plans When Available. Check Layout Dimension Against Floor Plan Requirements Making Sure Adequate Space Is Available. Your Lift Requires A 220v Or 110v , 30amp, Single Phase, Grounded Electrical Source. There Should Be Room Enough To Operate The Lift In A Safe Manner And Without Restrictions.

Overhead Area: The Area Where The Lift Will Be Located Should Be Free Of Overhead Obstructions Such As Heaters, Building Supports, Electrical Lines, Doors, Lights, Etc.

Floor Area: Visually Inspect The Site Where The Lift Is To Be Installed And Check For Cracked Or Defective Concrete.

Floor Requirements:

A Level Floor Is Suggested For Proper Installation And Level Lifting. Small Differences In Floor Slopes May Be Compensated For By Proper Shimming. If A Floor Is Of Questionable Slope, Consider A Survey Of The Site And/or The Possibility Of Pouring A New Level Concrete Slab.

  • New Concrete Must Be Adequately Cured For At Least 30 Days.
  • Do Not Install Auto Lift On Any Asphalt Surface Or Any Surface Other Than Concrete.
  • Do Not Install Auto Lift On Expansion Seams Or On Cracked Or Defective Concrete.
  • Do Not Install Auto Lift On A Second/elevated Floor Without First Consulting Building Architect.
  • Do Not Install Auto Lift Outdoors Unless Special Consideration Has Been Made To Protect The Power Unit From Inclement Weather Conditions.

Concrete Specifications:

  • All Models Must Be Installed On 3,000 Psi Reinforced Concrete Only. Additional Concrete Requirements Will Vary By Lift.
  • 8,500 Lbs – 10,000 Lbs Lifts: 4? Minimum Thickness
  • 11,000 Lbs – 15,000 Lbs Lifts: 6? Minimum Thickness
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